Why Your Blog Needs A Market Niche?

You have a blog, now what? Are you wondering why you’re not earning enough from affiliate networks, why brands and PR agents aren’t flocking your inbox or why your traffic doesn’t improve? In this post, I will discuss one of the reasons why there’s no progress in your blog (whatever its topic) financially and commercially, and what you should do.

blog market niche

Before I tell you what exactly is a market niche and how to find your blog market niche, let me tell you the number one reason why you’ve been blogging so long yet progress is slow or almost nothing at all.

#1 Reason For Blog Failure: It’s About Me, Me and Me

One of so many reasons I noticed why some blogs doesn’t get much success is because their blogs is all about themselves and people can’t learn anything from it, or even entertained by their posts. Although they do categorized their blogs whether if it is fashion, beauty or lifestyle but their content is all about me, me and me! This may sound harsh, but I’m not sorry to say this: if you are not a Kardashian, or some celebrity in a reality show, NOBODY CARES what you ate, if you had a bad day, have finals these week, or had a stressful shopping spree, whatever.

That said, I’m not saying that it is bad to share something personal on your posts, it’s okay and it actually makes it more relate-able for your readers. Actually, some of the most successful blogs today started like that but majority of them now revamped their blogs to keep their blogs relevant.

Best example of this is Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad. From her start in 2009, Ferragni talks about her outfits, how here day was, and her experiences. But since the popularity of Instagram, The Blonde Salad’s traffic dropped because visitors prefer to browse outfit posts on Instagram than personal style blogs. So on their relaunched in 2014, they now post more than just Ferragni’s daily outfits, they now have fashion and beauty tips, and has goals to make The Blonde Salad an online lifestyle magazine. Another example is Leandra Medine of Man Repeller.  She also started posting about her man-repelling outfits and her day hilariously, but now she has employed 3 people and Man Repeller now posts more than just fashion but also pop culture, and still humurous.

My point here is, your blog must spark people’s interest. It should inspire, entertain, or teaches something new that no one could get in other blogs. And if you’re going to share something personal make sure you are not sharing something irrelevant. Like you’re promoting the clothes you are wearing but you’re talking about completely something else. Because at the end, only blogs that has a specialty -where people could learn something or getting entertained- will go further.

So What is a Market Niche?

According to a business dictionary, market niche is a profitable segment of a market suitable for focused attention by a marketer. Market niches do not exists by themselves, but are created by identifying needs or wants that are not being addressed by competitors, and by offering products that satisfy them.

In simple English, a market niche is researching about something that your competitor doesn’t offer.

How to Find Your Blog Market Niche?

steps on finding blog market niche

  1. Get two pieces of papers or notebook, and pen. Then try to define yourself in a few keywords. Focus on a few that might be relevant to your blog.
  2. Analyze your own resume to identify competitive advantages and areas of unique knowledge.
  3. Think of what you want to accomplish on your blog as an individual and as a blogger. Compare the two and make sure your personal goals are aligned with professional ones.
  4. Then on the next paper, research about your competitors. Identify what they are already offering and what is missing.
  5. Research about your readers, make a survey about what do they want to read not only from your blog but on others as well, why do they visit your blog, and what is something they want to see that they couldn’t find on others.
  6. Compare your goals, survey, and your research. From there cross out what already has been done by your competitors and highlight what is still missing which you could provide or you have competitive advantages.

These days, with so many blogs on the internet it’s important more than ever for a blogger to create a market niche in order to keep readers coming back. This is one of the most important decisions you will make. This will define who you are as a blogger, who you work with and your revenue potential.

LAST TIP: Don’t allow PR pitches or sponsored posts offers to dictate your direction. It’s exciting to receive an email from a brand representative or PR agent especially when their financial offer is good. You will receive 10-100 pitches daily or weekly, but some of them may not be related to your blog’s market niche. Resist the temptation, because having random topics on your blog could confuse your readers. And some brands or companies doesn’t want to advertise on blogs has too many ads that isn’t related to them. Like a fashion brand sometimes doesn’t want to advertise on a blog that has ads for a cellphone company. So keep in mind: stay true to your voice, to your blog market niche and to your readers.

*This post was originally posted on my Linkedin blog last November 9, 2014.