China Offers Family-Friendly Travel Activities

The words “trip of a lifetime” may be overused in promotion, but strikingly appropriate for a family trip to China.

Some parents worry about their children on such a far-away adventure, to a country so far removed (literally and figuratively) from their own. But choosing China as family vacation is a wonderful choice – not only because of how potentially different it is from home, it provides astonishing cultural and historical exposure, and, indeed, will give your family a trip to produce oft-told stories and an unparalleled experience.

You can begin by exploring the possibilities of China travel, and examine which areas you and your family will find most interesting or you can just book now at They offer bespoke tours which will surely fit you and your family’s preferences.

China, in general, is a very family friendly country. Culturally, the Chinese are extremely fond of children and no one is going to look at you “askew” for bringing your children – of any age – into hotels, restaurants, or landmarks.  Until recently, likely because of China’s “one child” policy, an attitude evolved: children are special, revered and treated very well. You may find locals asking if they might be photographed with your children!

Unquestionably, China is a busy and bustling country, and, it is one that does not shut down at night. In fact, there are avenues to explore both during the day and night. In fact, there are many evening activities in China to share with family.

The Chinese are extremely accommodating, too. Chinese food is cooked-to-order/made fresh, so you can request dishes for picky children –and adults! – and they will do their best . Since children are also welcomed everywhere, you aren’t likely to ever find yourself in a situation where you need a “sitter.”

Your kids will really enjoy the unique accommodations, including, for example, the Bamboo Garden Hotel, a uniquely Beijing experience – traditional Chinese style, but western comfort.


Pandas by iheartpandas


The aforementioned China Travel Company offers beautifully curated tours created exclusively for those traveling with children. These trips focus on adventures that can include:

  • A Toboggan ride down the Great Wall
  • Martial arts and kite flying at the Temple of Heaven
  • The walled Ming-dynasty era city of Pingyao
  • The splendour and sheer volume of the Terra Cotta Warriors at the Hanyangling Mausoleum
  • Learning calligraphy, the brush techniques (and take home a souvenir!)
  • Touring a towering skyscraper in Shanghai
  • Riding back to the airport on the one-in-the-world Maglev train, which travels up to 430 km per hour
  • A ride on one of Beijing’s ancient Hutongs in a bicycle-powered rickshaw
  • Seeing the Giant Pandas in Chengdu – the world-famous research facility
  • Even volunteering at the Panda Centre, helping with daily duties including preparing panda food and cleaning their quarters; a uniform is provided while duties are being performed and you’ll receive a certificate of completion, too.
  • Attending the opera in Chengdu
  • Travel from Guilin to Yangshuo on a Li River Cruise
  • Visit Kunming’s Stone Forest
  • Ride a cable car to Lijiang’s Snow Dragon Mountain
  • The 2008 Olympic venues
  • Prince Gong’s Mansion
  • The Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai, first cultivated in 1577, and took more than two decades; it was built by a man who wanted to please his father.
  • See the Old City
  • Learn to haggle at the Fuyou Road Antique Market
  • The Great Wall at Mutianyu

Your family will love a visit to the Lao She Teahouse, where they’ll experience traditional performances, including Peking Opera, acrobatics, martial arts, Cross Talk, music and Window Puppetry.

With so many child-friendly activities, amongst a child-loving community, taking your family on an adventure to China is the right vacation choice.


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