10 Gift Ideas For Your Stoner Friend

We all have that one friend (or two or more) who likes y’know “have a puff”. If you don’t know what to give them this holiday, then check out my list of gift ideas for your stoner friend. But since this particular grass is not yet legalize in most countries (like mine), or in the case of US in some states, I suggest not to continue reading this in the office or school. But if the coast is clear, then please, scroll down!

gift ideas for your stoner friend | potbox

1. Potbox Subscription ($50+): For those who live where it is legal. Isn’t this the greatest?

gift ideas for people who loves weed | puff puff ashtray

2. Young Alexander Puff Puff Pass Away ($45): Just because they’re stoners, it doesn’t mean they cannot be fancy. Get them this fancy ashtray decked in real gold. Yup, it’s real gold.

weed rolling tray

3. Moon Hay Mini Rolling Tray ($30): Proudly handcrafted and finished in with food-safe, all natural oil, this 9″ x 6″ hardwood rolling tray (available in Cherry or Purpleheart) provides plenty of working space. If ordering purpleheart (pictured above), the purple is the wood’s natural color; no dyes or chemicals are used. So yup, it’s totally safe when you rolled your weed here.

gift ideas for your stoner friend | cali crusher

4. Cali Crusher ($25): Let’s just say this is an essential and your friend will love you forever.

sun blaster nano dome kit

5. Sun Blaster Nano Dome Combo Kit ($32): For growing, y’know, plants, indoors.

beamer cannabis killer candle

6. Beamer Cannabis Killer Candle ($20): Forget about aroma candles, this one is said to be 90% effective for killing that odor.

Rawthentic Hemp Wick

7. Rawthentic Hemp Wick ($22): Safer than using a lighter, to keep your favorite stoner happy and healthy.

gift ideas for your stoner friend | One Hit Wonder Dugout

8. One Hit Wonder Dugout ($30): Wood dugout with aluminum pipe, for uhh… tobacco.

Dope Turtle Smellproof Container

9. Dope Turtle Smellproof Container ($17): Now your friend can pet police dogs without worrying.

Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis

10. Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis ($17): Because you’re about to be so f**king hungry.

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