The Beautiful “Almost” Double Beach of Lahos Island

Wondering what is it like to be an explorer in the Pacific Ocean like Ferdinand Magellan? Then consider a trip in Caramoan, Philippines.

There are so many beautiful islands and islets in Caramoan Peninsula, it’s such a shame some people only able to explore one. There are actually a bunch that are open for tourists. Some are uninhabited, some are too small for Google Maps to bother with, while some were rented by the international reality TV show Survivor.

With no luxury hotels, no chain restaurants, limited mobile phone signal and electricity, island hopping is the best thing you could. That is why I decided to start a series of posts featuring the beautiful islands in Caramoan that you must visit, starting with Lahos Island.

lahos island caramoan philippines

As mentioned on my previous Caramoan post, we arrived in Victoriapress Guesthouse at 7am. By 8:30am, without any proper sleep but hyped with the great unknown, we boarded a bangka (fish boat) to FINALLY kick off our island hopping adventure with Lahos Island as our first destination.

Lahos is a white sand beach with two jagged limestones. It was one of the islands that the reality TV show Survivor rented. Most of their challenges were filmed in the island. It is said that it was named “Lahos” because its white sandy beach disappears with the high tide, the word “laho” in Tagalog vernacular means “disappear” or “vanish” in English.

lahos island caramoan philippines

Lahos Island in Caramoan, Philippines

Photo by Brian Flores
caramoan sea shore gif

The island boast a long spectacular white sand beach but a bit narrow than most islands we visited. It’s almost like a beautiful double beach, the shores are just a few meters from each other. It also have striking rock formations on the shores that we took advantage for some (or too many) Instagram posts.

The marine life around the island are picturesque and ideal for swimming and snorkeling. But since it’s the first island most tourists visit on their island hopping trip in Caramoan, they opt to just take photos in it.

My only regret is that I didn’t climbed on a limestone to take a photo of that wonderful “almost” double beach. But in my defense, it’s too early for my brain to properly function. Science said brain functions properly at 10am. But at least I found a photo to show it to you by Brian Flores.

group shot at lahos island caramoan philippines

More islands will be featured on my upcoming posts. For now, what do you think of Lahos Island? Will you now consider a trip in Caramoan in the Philippines? Share your thoughts below! I love reading them.

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