The Exotic Minalahos Island

by Alyssa Martinez

Next stop on our day one of Caramoan Island Hopping Adventure was Minalahos Island. It doesn’t just sound like Lahos Island, but it’s almost like Lahos. There were also limestones and white sand, except it’s not a narrow beach just a regular almost circular island, but the limestones are so much bigger. It was so big, they almost occupy the whole island so the white sand beach area was quite small.

Our tour guide mentioned that it’s a tidal island. Meaning when it is high tide, the white sand beach disappears or sinks on the water. That’s probably the reason why there is “lahos” on its name as well, and no wonder it has very fine sand. It felt so good on my feet, like I was literally walking on powder. When you’re in there, forget your flip-flops! Walk barefoot while appreciating the beauty of the island.

Another interesting thing on Minalahos Island were the improvised trap for the bayawak, or monitor lizard in English, that the locals made. I don’t why they capture them but the reason monitor lizards are prominent on the island is because the limstones has many holes which happens to be “little caves” and they made it their homes. We didn’t saw a single monitor lizard, probably because they tend to hide whenever there are other creatures around (i.e. Humans). But I wasn’t disappointed, since I’ve seen many of those in my grandmother’s garden and I’m not quite fond of them as much as they’re not fond of humans.

Our Minalahos Island exploration was short, but it was definitely unforgettable.

minalahos island caramoan philippines alyssa martinez

minalahos island limestone and white sand caramoan philippines

What do you think of Minalahos Island, would you love to visit it?

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