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As I mentioned on my Caramoan post, the Philippines is composed of 7,107 island. Choosing one or two islands to visit is quite overwhelming especially when you only have limited vacation time. Exploring the entire country may take a year or two. And I personally know some people who loved exploring the Philippines so much, they stayed for so long exploring it that they never left and eventually became naturalized citizens.

The best way to decided which islands you should visit is by reading blogs, like Monday Projects (obviously), and by researching through Instagram. Which is where most people do their research nowadays, rather than in Google. Below are 10 Philippine Travel Instagram Accounts that will inspire you to travel in the so-called “Pearl of the Pacific” and proves that it’s more fun in the Philippines.

NOTE: The list is NOT ranked in any way. And the criteria for the inclusion for this post are 1) focuses on Philippine locations; 2) less selfies, more focus on the nature; 3) they tag or mention the location so people will know where it is; 4) not a private account; and 5) they don’t do the annoying “follow and unfollow IG game” because it’s freakin’ annoying.

1. Where To Next? (@wtn_wheretonext)

Where To Next mainly focuses on travel. They feature the best beaches you can surf or just chill, and also the best mountains in the Philippines that you could hike and witness a breathtaking view.

2. Joseph Poblete (@sephlog)


‘stunning’ is a word. but you really can’t define it.

A photo posted by Joseph Poblete (@sephlog) on

Joseph Poblete or just “Seph” to his friends is a graphic artist and mountaineer. He takes stunning photos of his hikes and travels that makes you want to visit the place as well. Take note though, hiking looks so rad in Instagram but it’s not that easy. You must be fit to hike a mountain. I once did it and felt like my lungs will explode.

3. Rod Ruales (@ninjarod)


Tinago Falls, Philippines 💙

A photo posted by Rod Ruales (@ninjarod) on

Rod Ruales’ Instagram feed are full of fun adventures on the beach and caves. This guy makes me want to go canyoneering in Cebu!

4. Discover MNL (@discovermnl)


#DMTravelSeries Start the week right! Location: Sumlang Lake, Camalig, Albay 📷: @rodelosreyes

A photo posted by Discover MNL✨ (@discovermnl) on

Discover MNL (MNL means Manila, the capital city of the Philippines) is an Instagram account that features all the latest, trendiest and the best that the Philippines could offer, not only in travel but also in food. Wanderlusts and foodies alike will love this Instagram account because they give all the details where you could find the things they feature. I was actually featured on their account once.

5. JP Swing (@jaypeeswing)


The Best of Boat Worlds

A photo posted by JP Swing | Manila, Philippines (@jaypeeswing) on

JP Swing takes stunning and vibrant photos of the Philippine beaches, especially those gorgeous white sand beaches. What I love the most in his feed is that, he doesn’t just post mediocre landscape photos but also aerial shots of the islands, which is more stunning and will really make you want to pack your bags and just go there.

6. Richard Ballon (@chardichard)


Rope swing in paradise. Location: Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor, Philippines

A photo posted by Richard Ballon (@chardichard) on

Richard Ballon’s feed will make you realize how fun it is to live in a tropical island like the Philippines. Just look at that rope swing! His feed is full of vibrant and stunning photos of various beaches in the Philippines which perfectly describes in no words that “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” -that’s official our tourism slogan and hashtag.

7. Gael (@thepinaysolobackpacker)

Of course, men are not the only human species that knows how to travel. Gael, is a Filipina solo backpacker that takes stunning photos of her travels whether it is a beach or hiking trip. She proves that women can travel too.

8. Faye Beltran (@fayebeltran)


Walking on a dream 🌸

A photo posted by faye beltran (@fayebeltran) on

I only discovered Faye Beltran’s Instagram account a few weeks ago through Joseph Poblete’s feed and so far I’m loving her every posts. She features places that I thought doesn’t exist in the Philippines like that colorful field above in Sirao, Cebu.

9. Kim Juan (@kimijuan)


Mermaid moment with @sartorialpanda 💫 photo @thomascaja #experiencesicogon

A photo posted by Kimi Juan (@kimijuan) on

Kimi Juan is my favorite Filipina travel blogger. She posts dreamy and stunning photos of her travels that are ultimate #travelgoals If you saw her feed, you don’t just want to travel where she traveled, it will make you want to improve your Instagram game as well.

10. Alyssa (@MondayProjects)

This is a shameless promotion of my own Instagram account. I’m still new to this Travel Blogging but I think it’s fair to say that I have an interesting feed and posts pretty good inspiring travel photos. You’ll be the judge.

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