4 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Try A Helicopter Tour

Discover why helicopter tours are the latest and most exciting way to travel.

Want to see the city in a completely different light? There’s no better way to do it than a helicopter ride. When you’re high up in the air without a care, you can take on a different perspective of Sydney in a modern fleet of turbine engine helicopters.

So, what’s so amazing about helicopter tours anyway? Maybe you see them in movies or think they are just for the rich and famous but taking a tour is actually more affordable than you might think.


When you take a Helicopter tour in Sydney, it will never disappoint. Whether you are flying at sunset over the stunning beaches and harbour or soaking up the Sydney skyline, there will be endless memorable moments on your tour. Still in two minds about booking a tour? Check out some of the awesome reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate.

  1. Bird’s eye view. This may be mentioning the obvious but it simply cannot be understated. Like being at the window seat in a long-haul flight but so much better. You get to experience and discover a city like never before. Even if you have lived there for decades, you’ll see Sydney in a new light!
  1. Your own private tour. The helicopter tours are completely exclusive and intimate. Go with your close friends, family or share the experience with a loved one. Unlike when you go on tours and you’re in a massive group straining to hear the guide. This takes exploration to the next level. Whilst you’re in the air, you get a one on one conversation with your pilot who will show and explain everything that makes Sydney so special.

3. Tours tailor made to you. The great thing about booking a helicopter tour is that they can be designed to suit your individual requirements. Different companies offer various routes and you can simply choose which one you want to go on! See the places you want to see from higher up and follow your own wishes. Sydney HeliTours offer a great range of routes and can cater to a range of requests from scenic flights to luxurious executive travel.

4. Breath-taking views. The helicopter can get you close to some of the most stunning sights in Sydney. Plus the rush of excitement from being in a helicopter all makes this experience so much more special.

So why not experience air travel like never before? There are plenty of options online where tour companies are offering and competing for the cheapest flights. It definitely pays to do some research and check for any deals that may be offered. With plenty of benefits that speak for themselves, a helicopter ride can really take your travel experience above and beyond expectations.

This is especially if you are flying corporate or executive. Not only do you bypass the whole checking in and out process, plus all the cues, you also get a crazy view of the city! So if you haven’t considered booking a helicopter tour before reading this article, there is definitely good reason to do so!

Whether you’re enjoying a holiday or travelling from A to B, this option will no doubt impress anyone.

*This article is contributed by Katrina Fernandez.

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