8 Things Travelers Are Tired of Hearing

Once we’re bitten by the travel bug, our thirst for wanderlust can never be quenched. We’re constantly on the go, and exploring the world. Whether your a backpacker or a weekend warrior, you enjoy your life as a traveler. But it can be hard for most people to understand why you do it; which leads them to ask some questions that we hear so often, it’s almost annoying.

So I asked my fellow female travelers from our tribe Facebook Group called Girls vs. Globe what are the things they are tired of hearing as travelers. Below are the replies I got and tips on how to (kind of) politely answer them through how I personally answer them.

1. “How do you afford to travel so much?”

Submitted by Jordan Wagner of Beer Time With Wagner 

Well when it comes to traveling, I will pay whatever just to go to a certain place. Just like how most women pay whatever it takes to get a certain designer bag. But I always set a budget and research for deals online so I won’t be left with nothing when I go back home. I don’t just simply drop everything and go whenever I want.

2. “Aren’t you too young to be traveling solo?”

Submitted by Dana Williamson of Wandering Donut 

I prefer to explore the world while I’m young, strong, and healthy rather than on matured age when I’m complaining some body ache or have maintenance medicine for some illness.

3. “You’re leaving again?”

Yes, I’m leaving again. There’s so many things out there to see and do, I just can’t stay in one place.

4. “Aren’t you worried about Isis/getting kidnapped/human trafficking/etc?”

Submitted by Kiki Baxter of Text Me When You Land

Actually in this time were we face terrorism, it’s more important than ever to travel. From the words of Paige Smith in her Huffington Post article“As citizens of the world it is our duty to meet the people who will teach us more about their culture and lifestyle, and who will act as ambassadors for their countries. We have a responsibility now more than ever to know the world intimately and to break down the racial, cultural and stereotype-based obstacles that stand to divide us. We can only do this through travel.”

I couldn’t agree more to her article.

5. “When are you going to stop traveling and get married and have kids?”

Submitted by Mia Herman of Travel With Mia

There’s always time for that. When it happens, it happens. We cannot force things. And is that the only life goals women should have? We have choices now.

6. “Why you have few photos?”

I like to experienced my trips first-hand and not too busy taking photos of every little thing (unless I’m paid to do it). I don’t need to take multiple shots; a few good ones will do.

7. “When are you going to get back to the ‘real world’?” 

Traveling is life, therefore it is “real” some people chose to live it. Others don’t.

8. “Have you seen the movie Taken?”

Submitted by Laurita Ann of Well On The Road

Yes, I watched all three movies and there’s a reason why it is called “fiction” although human trafficking is a real life issue, you’ll miss on some wonderful things if you worry too much because of some movie you saw.

Are you an avid traveler? What are the things you hear so often, it already annoys you?

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