What's in My Bag? (GIF Flatlay)

Moving (or GIF or stop motion animation) Flatay for Scentbird to promote on social media.

My first "What's in My Bag Flatlay" featuring a Tony Moly CC Cream for Q-Depot.com online shop
Flatlays are the trendiest "photography style" on Instagram right now. Just like most people in there, I started with simple white background with my stuff scattered creatively.
Then, I kinda find it boring. And since I'm obsess with GIFs since the heyday of Friendster, I thought why don't I make it move.
First attempt on moving flatlay
But I still find it a little boring, at least aesthetically. I feel like it needs more elements, plus it's too slow. And after a few tweaks here and there, I finally able to create this...
The final work
The GIF above is my final work and the one used to promote Scentibird (https://www.scentbird.com) on social media. What do you think?
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